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One may ignore considering online slot games because they would have planned for a feast of holidays at Los Vegas, the city of gambling. Not to bother, but, important to say that direct casinos as available in this casino kingdom requires full hand experience. In actual casinos there are no options to play for free or no one will consider if the gambler is walking into casino without betting money. Sounds strange that the games which are played only for money is now converted to be a fun game. Flexible online casino slots and games played for free are readily available. One can start playing without registration and betting amount and as the game continues the player may start betting if he finds it fascinating and interesting. The Ultra hot Deluxe game is as hot as spicy chilly and as addictive as chocolates. It means to say that the game adds taste to life in polished way. It is a popular and successful series of Hot Novamatic games. The attractive design of this slot is simple and corresponds to the name. One can versuchen, hier zu spielen  without any much expectations about bonuses and free spins. There are no wild symbols except few fruits and numbers. Size of bet can be larger than other slots because there are only three reels and five play lines.


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As soon as the player starts playing the slot for money, he bothers about winning combination. The price declaring combination consists of three images and winning money can get doubled if same combination of symbols appears in all three roles. The combination of fruit symbols like plums, lemons, cherries and oranges will fetch forty points. The inscription of three bars can fetch sixty points. Star symbols can increase the bet by two hundred times. Maximum credit is at the formation of three seven sequence, which is seven hundred fifty points. The entire game is self explanatory for newbies. Ignore the stress of learning the slot and earning bonus. It is just like a cool video game for hot summer where hot slot bursts the tensions of sunny summer days.  Online slot games are much more than these features. One can create the profile and start playing for money with identity. It is not at all meant for self challenge or risk. It is easy game for relaxation otherwise, simple game for earning if the player is considering it to be a paid slot game.