European roulette wheel – understanding the roulette wheel

When it comes to roulette games, wheel is everything here. For a player it is the battlefield. He may think it as court which decides his outcome. There will be one fixed point for every player on which he will be looking at with full anticipation. Even a small change like slightly going left or right will decide his victory or loss. Since in roulette wheel is considered as game, a player must understand the mechanical as well as physical aspects of the roulette wheel before going for bets of the European roulette wheel.

The game roulette has its origin in France. It is said to be started played around 1760. For the beginners of the game, there is no change seen between roulette wheels. They think all the wheels are same. But they are not. For an expert of roulette each wheel is different and he can make out the changes clearly. Before starting the roulette game one of the main decisions in front of the player is choosing the wheel. He should choose between American roulette or European roulette. These are considered to be two main roulette wheels.

If it is American roulette wheel, then the casino has more advantage since it comes with two zeros on the cylinder. This is a disadvantage for a player. But still many players go for this. Moreover in few casinos there will be no choice for the layer. So, he has to choose American roulette.

Even the original roulette system had two zeros. But later just to attract people they introduced roulette wheel with one zero. Along with this major difference there will be other differences that one has to understand in any roulette game. Every casino may make some rule variation as well as make different tables.

European roulette:

When it comes to online most of the sites provide European roulette. People even think that bets of the European roulette wheel is more sophisticated roulette wheel with a green betting table. This wheel has 37 pockets. That includes 0 and 36 numbers. Only the pocket with zero is green here. All other pockets are either red or black. In the European roulette, once the game begins, ball will spin in one direction and the wheel will be spinning in the other direction. The winning number is decided once the ball stops spinning and falls into a pocket.

There are different types of tables to choose from if it is online roulette system. There will be tablets with inside bets and outside bets. Bets containing small group of numbers or a single number is considered as inside bet. Groups with 12-18 numbers are considered as outside bets. One can choose all the black numbers or all the red numbers. If one chooses mix of outside bets and inside bets for every spin then it is considered as best roulette strategy.

Once the player bets, there will be a spinning then he should wait for the ball to fall into one pocket. In European roulette winning depends on the kind of bet the player made and the bet on the winning number or the group of numbers chosen which contains the winning number as well.