Going Through the World of Fruit Coctail

You can never come short up on entertainment if you are familiar with the world of slot machines. There is just much to be had across the format of the game. Here, we will be talking about one of such slots that have become hugely popular in a very short time since its debut. It is Fruit Coctail, a fruits inspired slot machine that uses the colorful display options to immerse you into the world of gaming. While over time, games have become increasingly complex aiming more to become a profession and an addiction rather than being the medium of entertainment that they used to be.

Fruit Coctail

Maintaining simplicity through and through:

In such a time, it is wonderful to see slots as Fruit Coctail bring back the innocence and simplicity to the platform. The aim of any medium of entertainment should be to change the atmosphere in to something lighter. Gaming arcades have lost their way to franchise building platforms that cater only to the need of those interested in putting in hours for gaining advancement through the storyline. Casinos and traditional arcades do not have anything to do with such activities, they yet house slots and game tables. The biggest draw of which is that the larger demography is attracted towards them.

About the game:

You can stand to win big in this game. The winner can get anything up to a million credits for securing the win (in the bonus round that is). But to secure pay off it is not necessary that you secure a win, you can get up to 5000 credit off a single spin. Or if you are feeling a bit adventures, you can opt for playing the risk game. The odds are higher but so is the pay off. You can earn big even from little victories in this mode. The icon of the game itself is the most profitable one, if you manage to get this on your screen; you are guaranteed to win at least 5000 credits. The symbol that depicts a cocktail is worth a little less coming in at 2000 credits.

The slot and the game:

You can find this game at any arcade near you and easily manage to find engagement in it. Or if you are on a vacation, this slot will also welcome you at the traditional venues, i.e. casinos.