Different types of online casino bonus and other features available

One of the greatest advantages several online casinos have to provide their players with, especially when compared to the conventional land-based casino bonuses. Several offers are always popping up that offers you with a variety of benefits when playing online like free spins no deposit, free bets and even more. Yes, they all do vary in forms and types, but what does it have for the slot players?

Read on to learn more about the types of bonuses!

Refer a friend Casino Bonus

So, basically, you receive this bonus every time you refer a friend to an online casino. Also, this is a type of bonus is very rare and you probably will not come across it very often.

To cut in short, the main purpose of a casino bonus is to get more players to sign up a casino. Being a player, you will be benefited by some extra money to play with. When it comes to the types of casino bonus, it is always the best for you to read the terms and conditions before making a deposit.

No deposit bonuses

This one of the most common types of bonus available for you these days, some online casinos are known to provide you with a free spins no deposit.  Well, this somehow allows the players to try a casino for free when playing their favorite game without having to worry about their funds anymore.

Payment Method Bonuses

These fairly uncommon, but you can still find them in a few online casinos that offer you an incentive, especially when you use a specific payment method when making an investment using real money. These bonuses exist to attract players to use specific payment options or to make a deposit.

Welcome Bonuses

Well, every online casino offers some type of welcome bonus. Well, it can be free spins or deposits, new sign up cash bonus, match bonus and more so that you enjoy some sort of freebie when you make your first deposit at a casino.

Some welcome bonuses can be a little lower whereas other can really go up to as huge as 500%. All you have to do is to take some serious consideration in terms of the wagering requirements and the maximum withdrawal amounts when shopping around the casino or even for the bet welcome deposit bonus.

VIP and high roller casino bonuses

Now, there are some players who love gambling using bigger deposit and there are those who want a larger than normal bonuses and offers. A simple bonus will not do for the high rollers. This is where the customer support of the various online casinos comes into action and provides you with the bonus which is better for the big deposits.