Win Online Poker: How to Read opponents

People have noticed that many players who are trying to move from a live game to an online game have difficulty understanding things. In a live game, you can use all sorts of psychological techniques and tactics to get an idea of ​​how comfortable a particular opponent feels in a given situation. However, online, you only have to rely on the information you have betting templates.

Everyone comes to the game in a certain way.

Some people put up little when they fear; others put little when they are afraid that their opponent may refuse the loser. Some people make big bets when bluffing; others make big bets only when they want them to THINK they are lying. It is important to look carefully and remember what certain people base their bets on.

As soon as you know what you are doing when you feel good (or bad) with your hand, you should even more observe and determine which hands belong to each category. For example, some people bet all their chips with the top pair, the top kicker on the flop. It is possible that others with the same hand are not so confident in them, and will wait for more information in the queue before taking action to a great extent. Others need to flop two pairs or better to feel good with their hand.

Observe them. Who cares and checks them three of its kind, when the color falls into the course? Who continues to bet, no matter what? Does this player see a raise on the flop when he has a monstrous hand, or does he usually wait for his turn to play his trap? Could this be your “strong arm” tactic designed to make you resign?

One more thing to notice is time. My favorite judicapsa player is a guy who always acts very fast. Why? Sooner or later he will have to make a decision about which he should think. When this happens, it will take some time before acting, and will send a message much stronger than the other player. (This means that something unexpected happened – if he is an active player, it often means that he lied for the first time, but now he has a very strong hand and is not sure whether he should play possum or not).

People get into patterns, and with the amount of time they spend between playing hands, they are often not aware of this; Playing online is even easier on autopilot. By remembering these patterns, especially against “good” more predictable players, you can often determine exactly what your opponents have.