Gold Rules Value Seekers In Football Betting Should Follow

In แทงบอลออนไลน์, there are two kinds of people, those who back their favorite teams no matter the odds, and those who seek value in whatever they back. The value-seeking group punters want value in every bet they place, and can go for as low as 1.09 odds provided they get value after the 90 minutes are over. The fancy-driven group can go for as high as 20 odds provided it’s their favorite team playing. In most instances, the latter lose more than they win, since they don’t bet to earn value but to satisfy their ego. So for punters who have already registered an account with Ufabet, here are some golden rules to follow so you earn more value from your bets.

Don’t Always Consider How Big A Team Is

The golden football rule dictates that before a match starts, each of the teams will have 100% potential of winning. Thus, you cannot relaxingly and satisfactorily back a team and have a 100% guarantee of getting returns. Even if a team is so significant to the extent that it has garnered a considerable fan base, don’t back it if it’s out of form. Even when calculating the odds, bookmaking systems leave space for ignorant and biased punters since they know very well they will back the high odds.

Football Betting

Check the Head-to-Head Records

If you a diehard football bettor, you have likely watched a team that was entirely out of form beat another team at the top of the table. In most instances, that happens because the team is used to beating the other team, and so regardless of their current form, the odds back their winning. So, when comparing odds to decide which team to back, consider the head-to-head records.

Back What Others Aren’t Backing

Ufabet makes แทงบอลออนไลน์ by providing an unbiased betting system that allows everyone to place bets and win. The mistake punters are making is always to follow what everyone else is doing. Backing a team to win or draw is the norm almost every punter is accustomed to. Go against the flow by supporting the total number of corners, goals, or even the time when the first goal will be scored.

Don’t Always Back The Lower Odds

As a serious punter, I am, I have lost big team backing a team with 1.21 odds while a friend won big by backing a team with 21 odds. The odds are just there to deceive you since they don’t represent the superiority of the teams. So, backing the team that’s in good form or the one favored by the head-to-head records is always advised.

Follow these golden online football betting rules, and watch as you grow your bankroll. Follow up tips from professional punters and research your teams properly to increase your winning chances.