How to Play the Game of Domino Poker in Easy to Understand Rules

Domino Poker is one amazing game that actually combines 2 table games and is around for years. Now, this game has got different rules. But, an onset of this game was been marked by game named Pai Gow. At first, it was created in China; the poker game was translated to the ‘double hand’ as it spread in the international poker game. Here we are going to highlights some important points on history of Poker99 game and how certain rules of the play is setup including the techniques of playing the Domino Poker.


Like mentioned earlier, Domino Poker came from Pai Gow. From then, there are many attempts of creating this game based on the Pai Gow, original poker game. So, there are many variations, however, it isn’t right to highlight all here. Even with an existence of several games in industry of casino gambling, there’s nothing better than original game. This brings you to rules of playing the game of Domino Poker.

poker players


Domino Poker or 99 poker was played by 2 to 4 poker players. So, to start playing the game, players had to key in some amount of the money to bet over the game. Normally, players concede to least and highest raising cutoff points according to the sum went in a pot.

Dominoes will be rearranged facing down. And at this point of time, merchant player will try to give 5 tiles to every player. And these tiles will not be looked up by any player. When actions are taken place, the players will take some more actions that include fold, check, bet, or call, and followed by the raise on turn.

As this game gets a bit jittery some time, the call will be made that is followed by all the players revealing the hands of tiles. So, the player who ranks very high is declared as the winner of the game. They will take the pot. Its worth to mention that hand takes highest to lowest points in following category; Straight Sixes, Royal Hand, which is followed by the Four-of-Kind, Straight Fives, and Full House. Some additional points will include Three-of-Kind, Straight Fours, Flush, Triple, as well as Single Pair.

Winning Strategies for Domino Poker 99

An amazing fact to win the game of Domino Poker is advantages that new players will be exposed to over current poker players. It works in that the new players will be entitled to playing the lessons when they are learning through their first time ranks on the hands. Although these hands have got the similar names as of pokers, they do not have the similar value. People who already know how they must play the game of Domino Poker will, however, carry on practicing in order to become the better players in an end.