There are several brands of playing cards out there. The leading manufacturer of playing cards is none other than the U.S. Playing Card Company. Bicycle is their most popular line of cards. They are also responsible for Bee, Hoyle, and World Poker Tour cards. Standard playing cards may be ideal for frequent use. But, you will need a premium brand of Poker playing cards if you want to host Poker games in your home.

It is best to avoid cheap playing card brands if you want that pleasure and comfort while playing the game. Top-graded cards used in casinos are not too expensive, and they are worth it.


The Modiano brand of cards offers a lot of Premium features. They are plastic but have a paper feel to them. They are thicker than other cards on the market and averages at $18 per set. This brand has a large variety of different cards. These cards last fifty to a hundred times longer than paper-based or plastic-coated ones. It comes in a hardshell case that keeps the cards safe. They are thicker than KEM and Copag.


This brand is a superb quality card made of 100% PVC plastic. It is affordable at $15 per set. Others consider the graphics to be a bit faded on this brand, but that does not matter since it is not hard to identify. These cards are perfect for Texas Hold’Em, and they have the right dimensions for Poker. They are not waterproof, but you can wash them with a wet cloth without any worries.


Manufactured by the U.S. Playing Card Company, it is the most popular plastic cards. These cards consist of cellulose acetate plastic, so they are more expensive at $22 per set. The Kem Arrow cards are the basis for most plastic Poker cards. Both the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker use this brand. They are waterproof and break-resistant. It is a blend of paper and plastic that provides superior flexibility and strength. It is by far the best card brand to play Poker or any other card game.


Although this brand is quite thinner than other plastic cards, it is still a lovely quality brand. It comes with a high-quality acrylic box you can order at an average cost of $15 per set.

These playing cards will last longer than other card brands. The best brand depends on your preference. All these brands are worth spending on because they have a significant difference from regular playing cards. If you are unable to decide on which brand to use, you can try playing Ceme Online instead.